Tuesday, January 11, 2011

School n Such

Ugh, that n in the title is kind of gross.

I'm sitting in the upper part of the agora on some chairs that I hope aren't real leather but probably aren't because of the ghetto of the school in general. The other day there were two people getting a tour of the school both wearing floor length fur coats. Ugh. Sometimes I forget that there are people who just don't give a shit at all about meat and fur and stuff.

I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that's pretty ok. I write out the full day names because at work I sent out an email that said I was available Mon/Wed/Fri and some teacher sent me back a message that said "I assume you mean Monday, Wednesday and Friday." I'm pretty sure that those are perfectly accepted abbreviations. I ASSUME BY JAN, SEPT, AUG YOU MEAN JANUARY SEPTEMBER AND AUGUST.

There is a really gross sore in my mouth where I bit it a few days ago and this morning a large chunk of skin came off of it which almost meant that I would have vomited 4 times in 2011 so far instead of just 3.

This blog post is pretty lackluster but I made it one of my 43 things goals to keep up on it so here it is.

One happy thing: I am stoked on the Geography class I am taking, it's like all the appealing parts of science without labs or math.

And another: I stopped being photo editor for the newspaper which reduces my stress load like crazy.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I neglect this shit because it sucks

Stuff that happened in 2010

  • Drove to Mackenzie for an awful punk show
  • Went to Vancouver/Victoria to see Natalie Portman's Shaved Head 2 times
  • Held baby goats in Victoria
  • Drove to Jasper in the Roadmaster, took the long way from Dunster to Tete Jaune
  • Swam in the Fraser River in April
  • Took the train from Jasper to Toronto, stop in Winnipeg, lost my phone
  • Took the train from Toronto to Montreal to Halifax, spent some days in Halifax with some lovely couchsurfing hosts and their tiny cat
  • Went to PEI for a day and saw bizarre relatives
  • Painted cups at a clay cafe
  • Took the train from Halifax to Montreal, spent some days there with a girl who had rats, smoked sheesha, listened to French
  • Took the train from Montreal to Ottawa, stayed in the Jail Hostel, went to civilization museum, met some cows, stopped eating meat
  • Took the train from Ottawa to Toronto, ate wonderful vegan food, train from Toronto to Jasper
  • Saw a million animals on the drive home
  • Worked at Huble Farm again, two new co workers who are awesome
  • Took the Roadmaster to Wells/Barkerville for romantic weekend
  • Geoff's parents sold their house and moved away
  • Visit goats and farm animals almost every week
  • Went to California on a plane by myself to see James, hiked in the desert, loved America
  • Went to Vancouver to see Gogol Bordello two times, broke nose, touched Eugene
  • Worked as Education Coordinator, photo editor for school newspaper
  • Stopped working on SL story because of transvestite dilemma
  • Wrote 35 pages of shitty poetry
  • Took the Roadmaster for romantic weekend in Jasper, upgraded room, best time ever
  • Closer with some friends, farther away with others
  • Got sick like 8 times this year
  • Lost the Roadmaster, tears and heartbreak, stupid van
  • Decided to live in a trailer in College Heights
  • Read 50 books
  • Best New Years ever with lovely friends

Goals for 2011

  • get somewhere to live where we can have a dog and chickens
  • start working on SL again
  • find another Roadmaster
  • read 50 books
  • get decent marks
  • learn about the legal implications of having a farm sanctuary and being a registered non-profit
  • and possibly much more...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sea Level, Online Games and I-5

Fuck all of these things...

1.. Sea Level--this makes every hot beverage WAY too hot. I burn my mouth all over the place at the sea levels because stuff boils at actual 100 and takes longer to cool down.

2.. Online Games--geoff is playing this stupid online train track building game or some dumb shit like that. I don't really understand how it works but it makes lame train noises.

3..I-5--this is some scary shit that still haunts my dreams. 75 lanes of busy rush hour traffic stacked on top of eachother in the dark and if you miss your exit you're fucked- which is easy because things aren't adequately labeled and the GPS machine doesn't work properly when you're under the opposing lane of traffic.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reading Other People's Blogs

I have been flipping through the random blog option on this site for a while today (bored in class) and realized that there are basically 3 kinds of blogs- food related, stay at home moms and people on trips. Lots of them have a ton of relationship stuff like people's weddings and baby shit. Does anyone really want to read that? I don't care about someone else's kids. The idea of having a themed blog or mainly themed blog like one for your recipes or crafts or something is pretty cool but I basically don't do anything but go to school and be a transient. I would like to be less boring in my blog times, perhaps I should talk about books (when I have time to read anything) or put up quotes after every post, that seems kind of neat unless they are bible quotes like one blog I found. Ideally I could have a small group of chickens and blog about having chickens but it's going to be a LONG time before that happens. I guess what I'm trying to say is I wish there was more interesting stuff going on in my life in general but I'm glad my life isn't consumed with babies and jesus.

Working Title

So, just about a week and a half left of this semester. I'm a mix of worry and anticipation, but it really will be nice to have almost 4 weeks off of school. Last week Geoffy and I went on an epic journey to the southlands, visited some cool people, chased peacocks, saw a Buick Roadmaster for sale and saw the PIXIES 2 times in the Americas. The second night we were right in the front, probably no more than 15 feet from Frank Black. He's so gross and hot its unbelievable. It was the best concert I have ever seen, for realz. They played all of Doolittle in order + related B sides then encores caribou, vamos, gigantic/bone machine, nimrod's son, holiday song, where is my mind. The next day we all got P tattoos. Fun I guess. Emily tried to shove a spoon up Dan's butt.

I've been oddly inspired to write short stories lately, wack dreams almost every night and stuff. Hopefully something kind of depraved with incest, gross sex scenes, and surrealism. I shouldn't have embarked upon this post with out ample fodder but I did. Ugh.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fuck Goals

Lately I have been so swamped with homework, errands and other people's drama that I really don't have time to make myself a better person by having new and interesting experiences and getting stuff done like clean up my room/car/life. On Saturday (2 days, holy fuck) Geoff and I are going to the south, a much needed holiday type thing. Unfortunately one of my professors is a total bitch and assigned an essay outline that was due 2.5 weeks ago and hasn't given it back yet, thwarting my plan to finish that essay (due the day after we get back) before the trip for a relatively stress-free time. Instead I have to cart a bunch of books down there and probably end up procrastinating and stressing about it for the whole week, just because she was too fucking lazy to mark "the last 6 assignments" that she hadn't done yet for last class. I hate university, professors and academics in general. Its frusturating, and they dont have any respect for the fact that WE'RE PAYING THEIR SALARY. It's ok, I know you're WAY better than me as a human being because you have a phd. Well this wasn't supposed to be a rant about university, it was supposed to be a rant about goals, like a need a list of stuff to remind me what school is preventing me from achieving. So I deleted that shit.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

FUCK Australia

I have recently developed a very strong aversion to Australia and vow to never go there. Even if it's free. They would have to pay me a lot to go, and if that ever happened I would seriously stay in an air-conditioned mall the whole time. I don't want to go somewhere that I can't go outside. While doing a bit of research for this post I came across a forum where it is mostly some Alaskan douche and some Australians having it out. Here are some highlights of that before I move on...

The Alaskan:
Being from Alaska; I'd have to say I'd rather take my chances with an 800 lb grizzly bear than some of the shit you got down there. No poisonous stuff up there in my frozen north; poison is playing dirty.

Some Australian Douche:
I'm slightly offended that people are scared to come to Australia due to our deadly animals, but fucking proud at the same time.

This is someone defending the Alaskan after some of the forum jerks were making fun of him: Oh, com'on, give them a break! They have to defend USA by keeping an eye on both Russian and Canadian day and night!Russia is actually a lesser problem now because Canadian is the real socialist! People in Alaska would rather die free and broke than to live under any form of Universal Health Coverage!

Another Australian:
I'm continually amazed that the funnel web is so common in Sydney and is absolutely screaming death on legs, aggressive enough to chase you across the yard, and can survive for days at the bottom of your swimming pool when they fall in. Lots of people get bitten swimming.

Anyways, enough of that shit. Funnel web spiders are scary fucking things. That alone is enough reason to stay the fuck out of Australia. It will kill you in 20 mins and only one person has ever survived. She was in the city, really close to the poison science place. There's a ton more poisonous spiders there, too many to list them all really. The funnel web is pretty huge which is frightening but what is more unnerving is the fact that many of the spiders that will kill the fuck out of you are really small and almost unnoticable. There's scorpions too. Basically everything is poisonous. Even the fucking platypus.

According to the internets, 7/10 of the world's most poisonous snakes live in Australia. Not to mention these constrictor assholes...

Once you get past all the terrible animals that live there on land, there's the ocean...this may seem lovely and people talk about that reef business all the time and how awesome it is but it will also seriously fuck you up. As soon as you get to the beach its going to be swarming with smarmy fucking surfer douches.

As if that wasn't bad enough, there's jellyfish, stingrays, sharks, crocodiles and lots more that will just straight up kill you.

I don't really like the ocean to begin with (stinky, unpleasant to be all salty, scary shit in there) and there's no good lakes in Australia. For the most part it's desert. Even if there were, there would be shit scarier than the stuff in the ocean around here. Apparently the people are misogynistic douches which is just fantastic. The schools there have uniforms. It's too fucking hot all the time but you wouldn't want to wear anything like SHORTS because the asshole spiders and shit will be all up in you. Another terrible part of Australia is the accent, which may seem novel when its one person in Canada but when EVERYONE talks like that it would get old fast. The only people without accents would be fat american tourists which are best avoided like, well, Australia.

A couple of other points: they drive on the wrong side of the road, its too big to really see the place in a vacation span of time, there's no health care so if you happen to get fucked by any of the asshole animals then good luck getting taken care of, and of course- vegimite.